2018 Beauty and Grooming Trends

2017 was mostly a year of excitement as many brands went genderless and more products included males into the mix. Serious grounds where made and it was a great foundation for what is to be achieved in 2018. As exciting as last year’s trends were even more so will be the new 2018 trends and especially the guy’s beauty and grooming trends will reach new heights.

Some of the trends most welcomed this year is that male masks will be one of the major things. Kbeauty products will extend to include male products, and concealers will be accepted by the guys. The all new rage will be anti-pollution, coloured hair will reach a new fashionable high and the ingredient to be accepted everywhere is niacinamide. Nail art is more creative than ever, and it is popular with the guys as much as with females.

Male Masks

While sheet masking is not new, there are more brands than that now include men’s masks sheets, which copes with the difference between women vs men skins, with men having a 30% thicker skin that produces more collagen and oil. Several beauty houses offer masks specially created for male, and several brands focus on men fragrances and skin trends.

Kbeauty or Korean Beauty this year broaden its products to also care for guys, and brand new 10-step skincare ranges offer all the benefits, and now guys can enjoy a complete skin-care range with all the advantages they wished for.

The mystery of Concealer Removed

Most men are hung up about using concealers, although some are more open to the benefits finally when it comes to creams and foundation. 2018 is the year in which many guys will accept the fact that feeling better about their appearance could include hiding all their blemishes, enjoying an even-toned complexion and make use of products that offers both a younger and fresher looking skin.

Pollution is a major problem, whether you live in a metropolitan area or not and due to global-warming our bodies need more protection, which includes our pores being exposed. There are new anti-pollution brands that offer serums, creams and essences to protect our skins from the constant increase in pollution.

Nail Art & Painting

Men are more open to dying their hair and wearing make-up, and in 2018 they could also be more acceptable to decorating their nails. There is a whole range of new and super trendy nail art ideas and some of the coolest include cool yep, mems and logos. While coloured hair already was sort of accepted by men last year, this year guys are open to experimenting with brighter colours such as purples, pinks, greens and even ocean blues so it will be a year of colour, brighter male skin and maybe a touch of make-up to show off the new male trends.

How to Choose the Best Men’s Moisturizer

One of the biggest trends for men in the last few years has been moisturizers. They have been a must for women for a long time, but they are now very important for men as well to keep healthy and young-looking skin. Many times, women’s moisturizers are more complex and elaborate while the same does not go for men. A lot of men may thing that simply a facial cleanser is enough, but unless you have naturally great and healthy skin and are not exposed to pollutants often it is not.

Now that men’s moisturizers are very popular there are now many on the market top choose from. Ok, so with that being said how can you pick the best one for your skin situation?

Read the Label

The first thing to do when picking a men’s moisturizer is to check out the label. Look for alcohol as an ingredient, as you do not want that since it will dry your skin out. Things to keep an eye out for are shea butter and various types of oils, such as soy and avocado. These ingredients can be absorbed into the skin easily and the skin will be soft using natural ingredients. Another thing to check out is if the moisturizer has ingredients such as oatmeal or allantoin. These things can aid in the inflammation and that is very common with men’s skin. Many men’s products these days will also have anti-aging ingredients and they should be hand in hand with both cleansing and moisturizing of the skin in order to give it a youthful glow.

Youthful skin is clean and not dry, but since anti-aging is the big draw for many products, for both men and women. Do a little research to see if the anti-aging ingredients are legit ones for cleansing and moisturizing and, again, do not contain alcohol. One of the solid ingredients in a good moisturizer is Cynergy TK, which is new and becoming very popular in the skin care field. What this does is regrow collagen and elastin, it has been clinically proven to do so, in order to invigorate and regenerate your skin. This new miracle ingredient is now in many beauty- products for both men and women. One more advantage of Cynergy TK is it comes in a liquid form rather than a cream so it absorbs into the skin quicker and retains the moisture. A couple of other ingredients that are good in a men’s moisturizer are Vitamin E and Coenzyme 10. These two things are powerful anti-oxidants that can rid the skin of unhealthy things, which can cause the skin to become damaged and dull.

Get the Right One for You

If you want healthy and youthful looking skin the best thing that you can do is pick the right moisturizer. No matter what the product is for your skin picking the best one will give you the healthiest looking skin. Look for some of the things pinpointed in this article and you can do just that. Also, it is a good idea to talk to a skin care professional so they can break down what product will be the best for your specific skin situation.