4 Awesome Beard Styles Will Stun Your Look

Beard is always one of the important concerns of men. Instead of having to shave off, learn how to grow a beautiful beard that not only improves your appearance and gives a strong first impression to other

Corporate Beard

In general, you will be encouraged to shave smoothly in the office environment, but if you can have a nice beard, the more effective the image. A thick, straight beard in the workplace environment will often show the spirit of success and power, a way of thinking often applied by people in the field of information technology or engineering.

In addition to the above ideas, this way of bearding also shows the grade of mucosa or age, because often young employees will be more afraid to beard than those who work for years. And if you own a triangular face, this beard is the perfect choice because it will distract attention from your pointed chin.


Henry Canvil’s mustache in the film Mission: Impossible – Fallout brings nostalgia in style, which reminds of the gentlemen of the 80s. People with angular facial structures will exaggerate the beauty of this beard. The prickly appearance will be exaggerated more from this beautiful beard by the simplicity of the mustache. The trimmed close to the sides of the cheekbone frame as well as the chin but keeping the bushy mustache in front is the highlight of this style.

Full Beard

The long, thick beard is a supreme symbol of flexibility and masculinity from ancient times to modern times. In the 21st century, this style of beard still exists but with many different variations. To grow a full beard takes a lot of time, effort, patience and careful pruning.


The Balbo beard was inspired by Italo Balbo, an architect who helped fascinate Italian rule in 1922. The Balbo beard is divided into two separate parts: the chin (separated from the sideburns). and mustache. How to beard this is suitable for the face with the chin frame with clearly differentiated or angular faces.