5 DIY Fashion Ideas To “Refresh” Your Furniture

DIY (Do it yourself) fashion, or “self-made” fashion, is considered a trend of modern people with making or reusing old products and giving them a look new, a new use. The benefits of reuse help you save on spending on shopping, limiting the “ruins” to the environment and this is also an interesting fashion trend.

This trend is favored by many young fashionists because of the feeling of “self-reliance” and the expression of each person’s personality. Creating DIY fashion products will help us to be proud of ourselves and also contribute to animate our dress style. Here are some interesting DIY fashion ideas that we choose suitable for men because they do not need to be skillful or too meticulous.

1. DIY fashion with Acrylic color
In DIY fashion, acrylic colors are often used for denim products such as jeans and jackets thanks to their excellent color-clinging ability.

2. Handmade torn jeans
Ripped jeans are one of the indispensable accessories of passionate guys in street fashion styles. A pair of jeans with a few lines of art will be able to describe the personality of its owner: A dusty, liberal and guilty man who is full of personality or a neat street style guy neat, fashionable.

3. Handmade accessories
With DIY fashion, handmade accessories are one of the extremely diverse and abundant crafts for men because they are easy to make and the finished products are also quite interesting.

4. Change clothes color with bleach
The use of these bleaching agents is to remove stubborn yellow stain on clothing. However, if anyone has accidentally soaked in bleach too long, it will cause our clothes to fade. Therefore, taking advantage of this ability of bleaching, many DIY fashionists have used them to create a new look for their old clothes. Typically with an old denim shirt, you can turn them into a stylish, two-color Ombre shirt.

5. What’s long, cut it short
One of the DIY ideas to make a difference for old clothes is to cut them short. Just like a haircut, just cut it short, it immediately gives you a new look. Old clothes too, if we can apply one of the following ideas, we will have “new” items right away in our wardrobe.