5 Kinds Of Cravat For A Real Man

Tie is an indispensable accessory for men, especially when gentlemen pile a suit or wear a young blazer. Choosing a tie that fits your outfit, with your physique is not easy. Tie has many types: large, small, short or long, depending on the preferences and physique of each person. The average length is from 135cm to 138cm and the width depends on your preference. When wearing, a long tie to the waistband is the most appropriate. This article will offer five basic tie designs,easiest to combine for men.

Color smooth tie

This is a neat tie for many different occasions. Though the colors of the tie are different from the dark blue, light gray, moss, red and black colors, they are also quite picky in color and blouse in the same color.
Remember the two simple color schemes below to choose the color of the tie in harmony with the shirt to add elegance and fashion to the wearer.

– Choose a shirt and tie color if you do not have color experience, or you love simplicity.

– Contrasted shirt and tie will make you special and stand out. Please refer to how to choose the color under the color wheel to have the best choice for yourself.

Small dot ball
Not all gentlemen love dots because they think they are less masculine. However, if combined with the vest, shirt … the ball dots will bring good effect costume. A black tie with a white shirt and dark vest will make you not touch any colleagues. The minus point for this tie is that the formality is not high. So let’s face it on non-formal occasions like going to work, gathering friends or having a wedding.

Tangle pattern block sink
If you are a young pursuit of style should not choose this type of tie. The deep colors and patterned patterns will make you look more mature and at the same time honoring your elegance.

Plaid tie oblique
This is a pretty popular tie and has a lot of colors, color combinations for males to choose from. If you go to the party, you can choose bright colors such as red, black stripes or yellow and black stripes. For meetings or important meetings, choose a gray, blue tone on a dark background. Stripes are very easy to combine with many types of shirts: plain shirt, striped shirt, caro … The strength can also combine the color and pattern of the tie in harmony with the belt or shoes to create style.

Wool, crochet
Totally different from the usual weaving ties, knitting crochet hooks make the gentleman completely different and outstanding. With a unique knit texture, the vintage tones will make the gentlemen’s outfits subdue the classic, seduce silently.