6 Foods That Will Give Men Better Skin

Nowadays, the trend of men’s beauty care is increasingly popular. Like women, men also need to have perfect skin. So men use 6 types of foods that are good for men skin below.

Dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate is great for men’s skin. Chocolate contains a large amount of flavanol and polyphenols. These are two compounds that work to improve the circulatory system to help circulate the blood under the skin, which helps the skin rosier and repels the aging process. However, you should not overdo dark chocolate because there are many sugars, if you eat a lot, you will gain weight.

Red wine

Red wine has been proven by scientists to be anti-aging. Resveratrol contains resveratrol in the composition of red wine, keeping the blood vessels healthy and preventing aging cells. A glass of red wine every day will help you look younger and sleep better.


Rosemary is a shrub grass native to the distant Mediterranean. This grass is extracted for skin beauty oil and hair care. Their scent is very special when using it will make you feel extremely comfortable. The fragrance saved on the skin will make you more attractive and refined.

Olive oil

If you want miraculous beauty, olive oil is your choice. Olive oil has very high vitamin and mineral content, so it is often used to exfoliate. In addition, they also stimulate digestion and metabolism, so using olive oil in addition to dishes not only helps you to be healthier but also has more beautiful skin.


Carrots rich in vitamin A are good for eyes, hair and skin. Vitamin C in carrots is an effective warrior that protects the skin from infection, enhances the skin’s resistance, helps skin healthier to fight stubborn acne like blackheads, acne, etc.


Referring to beautiful skin, it is impossible not to mention blueberry which is one of the most oxidizing fruits today. With high levels of oxidation and riboflavin, vitamin E, manganese, vitamin C and fiber, blueberries will help you have healthy and beautiful skin from within.