Fashion Tendencies for Men

With the close of summer, a chill of fall we find ourselves rolling right on into darkness and coldness again.  Fashion is constantly changing and this year in Men’s Fashion is no different.

Those of you that enjoy that layering effect of say a long sleeve shirt, t-shirt covered by a flannel will be thrilled about some fashion tendencies that will bring solace to an ever changing world and showcased on a runway near you.

Hiking Related Gear

Function and fashion merge together to bring us pieces that not only feel good but show the fashion statement you want to create well.  Who can resist merging those heavy-duty hiking boots in your closet with a back pack or another hiking related bag to keep yourself hands free.  If you are really adventurers throw a tied-up rope around your neck and wear as a sash to truly bring in the outdoors.

This fashion season Louis Vuitton and White Mountain show us “hiking chic.”  To obtain this fashion statement, focus on certain materials as you comb through those line of clothing racks at your favorite department or thrift store.  Coated wools and cargo pants are just two of the items slipping back into the men’s fashion world.  Pair these fashions with a cotton face mask, hiking boots and a tent like material shirt and you can start your own fashion trend!

The Scrumbo

No this isn’t a new food!  This is that look of “Justin Bieber.”  You know the one where you can pretty much throw anything together and it’s a hit.  Think of it as being an adult, pretending your that avid skate board kid you were back in the 80’s with lots of money.

This style can be whatever your heart desires. Throw pieces together that would normally not make any sense and watch the fashion scene take off down that runway.  Throw on a tie-dyed t-shirt, $300 designer jeans and those $3.00 thrift store tennis shoes and go out rocking the night.  Top it off with your favorite baseball cap and bam you can walk your own runway.  If that’s not the look you’re going for then try a cut off shirt under a long sleeve button down that is not buttoned over a pair of wool blended pants and wing tipped shoes if you choose a more “sophisticated” appeal.  Just remember though, Justin Bieber is more of a tennis shoes, sweatshirt, button down, sweatpants, jeans kind of artist.

The Many Shades of Brown

Dark, chestnut, dull, dishwater looking are all words to describe the color brown.  Even saying the word doesn’t make it appealing.  Brown, if utilized in the right fashion sense can actually set you apart from your male friends and give you some “pop” in taking the color to a whole new level.  Try something along the lines of a warm cream-colored sweater, brown checkered pants and extreme white tennis shoes to bring out the color.  Showcasing the many shades of brown will have you the life of the party and runway expert in no time.

Beginner’s Guide to Bodybuilding

If you are new to the world of bodybuilding and are looking for the best and fastest ways to improve your overall look, here are several tips and strategies to help you out. You shouldn’t expect massive improvements overnight, but you will see results sooner than you think. It’s vital that you practice patience, so stick to your diet and workouts, and you’ll definitely see results.

Stick to Free Weights

Although modern gyms are jam-packed with shiny and fancy machines, they won’t assist you in building a solid muscle mass foundation. Barbells and dumbbells are your best friends when it comes to muscle building, especially if you are new to bodybuilding.

Do Compound Movements

Even though you’ll be tempted to try every single exercise you see on websites and fitness magazines, it’s better to stick to basic compound movements first simply. We recommend exercises such as military shoulder press, barbell bench press, deadlift, and squats.

Get a Gym Program

You can’t just walk into a gym and do whatever comes to mind. You will need to follow a strict routine and stick to it. Ask an advanced bodybuilder or personal trainer to provide you with a daily gym program which includes a series of exercises you need to perform as well as the number of reps on each exercise. This will ensure that you know what to do before you step foot in the gym.

Avoid Training Every Day

If you are new to bodybuilding and you have a decent gym program at hand, you will realise that three to four workouts per week are more than enough. There’s no reason to train seven days a week when you are starting out. Rather use the off days to recover and rest.

Train Every Muscle Group Each Week

While too many days in the gym won’t assist you in getting bigger, a limited number of workouts won’t help you either. You’ll be required to workout every single muscle group at least once per week.

Learn the Right form for Every Exercise

It’s no surprise that beginners try their best to see how much they can lift instead of doing the exercise correctly. We highly recommend learning how each exercise should be done with lower weights before increasing the weights.

Gradually Increase Weights

Once you mastered the right form on every exercise, you can start increasing the weights once every one or two weeks. We suggest keeping track of the weights you lift on every exercise and periodically increase it when you feel comfortable that you can lift heavier weights. This will undoubtedly increase your overall strength, leading to significant muscle gains.

Eat Loads of Protein

Protein is your best friend when it comes to muscle building. Protein can be found in vegetables, nuts, dairy products, milk, eggs, fish, and chicken to mention a few. Most advanced bodybuilders recommend 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight for maximum results. If you find it difficult to consume protein every day, include a protein shake.