Best pomades for grooming hair today (P1)

With so many current hair care products such as wax, gel, pomade, etc., it’s not easy to choose a suitable and appropriate type. However, for those who understand the hair quality and shape in the style of elegant gentleman dress, the hair-clipping pomade is the most appropriate choice. So what are pomades and what are the best products to put on your shopping list now?

The typical feature of pomade products is the ability to create shine, hold when stroking but still not dry and hard hair. These are two of the most important criteria for evaluating and comparing hair clippers. In addition, weather resistance and sweat prevention and attractive, masculine scent also makes pomades are always favored by those pursuing gentleman style.

So, in today’s diverse market, what are the best claw pomades for each? Basically, hair-clipping pomades are divided into two main product lines: water-based pomade and oil-based pomade, each with its own pros and cons, depending on on the hair quality, length, and hairstyle you choose. It is important to understand the nature of the two main pomade lines to make it easier to choose the most suitable product for you.

What is water-based pomade?
With the main ingredient made from water, it helps to keep the product moderate and easy to dissolve on your hands, making washing after use very convenient. This type is suitable for soft hair styles and use on hot days. However, because of this, these hair-clipping pomades often dry quickly and have a low hold time. Scent not really fragrant is also a minus point compared to the oil-based pomade. Essentially, the price of water-based pomades is slightly higher than for oil-based pomades.

The notable water-based pomade brands are: Uppercut, Baxter Of California, Imperial, …

Top notable water-based pomades available in Vietnam today

    Stickiness: 4/5
    Gloss: 5/5

One of the best men’s grooming pomades is the water-based pomade of the British-M brand. With a light fragrance, suitable for gentlemen in the classic style such as the luxurious and elegant Classic Pompadour. The composition contains natural balm oil with argan oil and pumpkin oil, helping the hair strong and full of vitality. Although the wax material is soft, with a high level of retention and gloss, it can help you handle even the most stubborn hair.

Stickiness: 4/5
Gloss: 3/5

Is a high quality water based pomade from Australia. With moderate hold and medium shine, this hair-clipping pomade helps you keep your hair extremely well-suited to create timeless classic hairstyles such as Pompadour, Spikes, Slick-backs, Fauxhawks, Side -parts, Textured Crew Cuts, … Besides, the aroma from coconut oil and vanilla that this product brings adds to your appeal.

Stickiness: 4/5
Gloss: 3/5

Reuzel is a pomade brand with a variety of designs. Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte is the best in their oil-based pomade range. It provides moderate shine and a medium hold, suitable for creating hairstyles that are not too glossy. Ingredients from natural herbs help the product have a cool and pleasant aroma. In addition, because it is a water-based pomade, this product has the advantage of washing after use.