Bodybuilding Techniques Have Changed

Bodybuilding Techniques Have Changed

Bodybuilding is doing exercises to increase the size of your muscles and to make them stronger.

Weight training is mostly used in body building. Bodybuilding arrived around the 19th century and has always been popular but has since grown intensely. There are two main types of how you want the muscles to be and that is lean and bulky.Both types are just as important during contests. If you are building lean muscle, then you will get in-depthdefinition and if you are building bulk then you are going for the size of muscle.

However now a day’s body building is a lot different to back in the day body building.  The modern strength achievements are more about making the body muscles more efficient, tones and strong rather than an aim of how much weight you can lift.

Here are a few of the newer body building techniques:

Bodyweight workouts

When you are looking at the basics for body building you need to be familiar with the important exercises such as lunges, squats, pushups and pull ups etc. These are called the primal movements. The training provides you with a foundation and becomes your driver for the other skills you need. If you are using kettle-bells, barbells, sandbags are all useless if you ae not using the correct fitness foundation and bodyweight strength.

High-Intensity Interval Training

This exercise is done for a shorter period of time but at a higher intensity that will help you maintain muscle and increase your fitness level.

The higher workout levels will help build muscles better than the alternatives. The high intensity training will help maintain your fitness level by letting you exercise quicker. While it may be more tiring and are only short they will be more challenging which is what you want. You will find yourself less bored as they are shorter challenges. You can do these anywhere and use just about what you like such as strength bands, jump ropes and your own body weight.

MusclePharm 28 Method

This is something new for muscle gains. This technique shocks the maculate system. 28 method is a level up and it isn’t too complicated. It is close to the 21’s but you are stepping up. With your muscles being already fatigued you do seven slow reps, then seven reps and the top half of movement then end with seven reps with the bottom half of the moment, so you are getting 28 muscle reps all up.
It is a simple method to follow.

CrossFit Workout

CrossFit combines gymnastics, weightlifting, sprints, and plyometrics to improve growth and fitness. There are many variations of the CrossFit exercises and these tend to change with the new fitness trends that arise.
A few popular ones:

  • Kettlebell clear
  • ring muscle up
  • weighted pull up
  • bar muscle up
  • Front squat
  • dumbbell snatch
  • push ups
  • kettlebell snatch
  • hang snatch
  • farmers walk
  • bench press

If you wish to add supplements to increase the growth of muscles, you can add HGH energizes to your workout. It is stated that these produce more muscle mass and stimulate the growth of the immune system. For the best results, be sure to stick to the recommended diet and workouts for your goals.