The Best Workout Wear & Gym Clothing Brands

While you have the freedom to wear whatever you want while working out at the gym, there’s nothing wrong with looking stylish either. Fashionable gym attire can be considered as your reward for training so hard. There’s no denying that when you look good, you’ll also feel good. So, invest in the best clothes while working out and show off the fruits of your labour. Below, you will find the best brands when it comes to gym clothes.


We believe that Gymshark is one of the best clothing brands when it comes to working out. The brand offers a remarkable range of affordable gym gear for both men and women, ranging from basic leggings and bottoms to more advanced gym gear with technological breakthroughs. Gymshark’s DRY Moisture Management clothing range is developed to wick moisture while training fast, so there’s no need to stress about odours or wet clothes.


UnderArmour is still the most popular brand when it comes to gym clothing and provides equipment for every fitness junkie out there. Apart from the clothing being extremely comfortable, UnderArmour also offers a wide variety of fitness gear for just about any occasion. Whether you are playing soccer, hiking up a mountain, or hitting the gym, UnderArmour has you covered.


While most workout clothing brands have a garish and large logo on just about everything, Nike continues to keep things simple with their Swoosh logo. You’ll benefit from wearing stylish and comfortable clothes without a logo that is constantly in your face. Nike delivers relatively simple designs while emphasising on performance. Their Dry Fit clothing range is among the best in the world.


Although the company made a name for itself with streetwear attire, you’ll find that their fitness attire is just as remarkable. The famous three strips can be found on just about all their products, including their workout attire. You can find everything from training tops to running shoes and everything in between. You’ll also notice that their attire won’t cost you an arm and a leg, making it affordable for most fitness junkies.


Reebok is considered one of the best fitness clothing brands in the world. Named after a South African antelope, Reebok is also one of the oldest clothing brands into the world, boasting with more than 125 yards in the industry. Although it’s no longer ranked as the top clothing brand in the world since the early 1980’s, Reebok remains a reputable clothing brand for gym enthusiasts around the world.


MyProtein is renowned for providing fitness foods and protein shakes. However, they also offer an astonishing range of high-quality gym clothes at extremely low prices. Apart from offering attire which includes stringer vests and sweatpants, the company also produces advanced gear, including a base layer and compression clothing. While you won’t find an extraordinary selection of clothing from MyProtein, you’ll be pleased to know that the quality of their clothing is some of the best in the world.