Cool the body in summer with 5 simple tips

Between the sweltering summer, the shock or heat shock under intense sunshine is extremely common. Therefore, mastering measures to cool the body, help reduce the risk of health damage is very necessary.

While it may sound simple, in fact, body cooling involves a lot of different parts; from inside and outside the body. At the same time, the “stabilization” of temperature can not only be solved simply by sitting cool all day long until late at night. Therefore, we need to have more effective and thorough body care measures. To learn more about this issue, join us with 5 simple tips to help you cool yourself down in the hot summer right after!

  1. Prioritize sweat absorbent clothes
    During hot summer days, using sweat-absorbing clothes is the best way to cool the body. Gentlemen should prioritize clothes made of cotton, linen, artificial silk (rayon). In particular, a number of well-known technology labels such as Uniqlo also produce apparel line made of materials such as polyester and spandex; Helps absorb moisture, releases heat from the body.

In addition, dress “more cloth” is also a bad way. In case you still need to dress properly, formal, combine many layers; Cool the body from the inside with “breathable” underwear made from oak (modal) or cold elastic fabric.

2. Drink enough water
In fact, our body is an “automatic machine” that knows how to regulate the temperature tremendously. When it’s cold, our body temperature will be increased to keep it warm. On the contrary, they will also automatically release heat when the surroundings are too hot and humid. Therefore, drinking enough water is a way for this process to take place more smoothly. In other words, water is the “fuel” to promote sweat activation, which helps to cool the body. However, that doesn’t mean you should “cultivate” as much as possible. 2 liters or 8 glasses of water every day is the dose your body needs.

3. Use light sunscreens
In the hot sunny days, sunscreen is not only a “savior” for girls but also a strong influence on the harmful effects of the sun. However, instead of using thick, water-repellent sunscreens that can affect sweating; You should prioritize warm creams with a light SPF, no oil or serums with mineral ingredients. Some outstanding products can be mentioned as Supergoop, Hawaiian Tropic …

4. Limit thick moisturizer at night
Not only is it uncomfortable during the day, the heat waves can also last until late at night – causing sleep disruption, body discomfort. After a busy day of work, the night time is the perfect time to take care courses to help regenerate, firm and brighten skin. Use mild moisturizers to make this process smooth on hot days. Because the serum is absorbed faster by the body, you can line a thin layer to help the skin absorb nutrients before applying other moisturizers.

5. Apply smart methods to cool the body in an intelligent way
In case the body needs immediate cooling by methods such as toweling, ice packs; Put the coolers near areas that release lots of heat like the neck (back of the neck), chest, wrist, and temples. These are all areas of blood vessels close to the skin. Therefore, they will circulate cold air faster throughout the body – help reduce heat effectively and quickly.