Football Players Take Care of Their Looks

Not only women, but men are also very interested in taking care of their appearance. Football players are typical examples. In addition to their skillful soccer skills, their hair and fashion styles also impress fans.

A gentleman’s appearance standard is also evaluated based on many different factors. First of all, the hairstyle must match the face. Secondly, the beard is shaved clean or the style is real. Fashion also needs to create an impression for the opposite. And the last thing is the right fragrance of a gentleman.

Superstar football players are those who have a wide range of aesthetic influences for men in the world. Therefore, they are bright and expensive advertising faces. Football tournaments, especially the World Cup, are a playground for fashion players. Many supermodel women also flock here, hoping to get a big advertising contract.

However, the most important is still football players. They are the ones who convey the beauty of their men as well as bring about the concept of their aesthetics with national characteristics on social websites and in the hearts of tens of thousands of people around the world. That is the strength of the sport thanks to its global nature.

The French press, which is famous for fashion, selected 33 handsome, polished, well-dressed players, charming and polite. People are paying attention, on this level, the players of Neymar (Brasil), Antoine Griezmann (France), Alarcon (Spain) and Rodrigeez (Colombia), have 163 million followers worldwide.

The next ones are Eric Dier, David Beckham (UK), Jannick Vestergaard (Denmark), Rurik Gislason (Ireland), Nacer Chadli (Belgium) and James Meredith (Australia). There are also Patricio, Anton et Alexey Miranchuk (Russian twins), Aleksandar Prijovic (Serbian) and some players from Asia such as Japanese player Maya Yoshida. Many players take their children with them and proudly take photos showing their happy families.