Four Trending Male Beauty Products

Male grooming habits have become as important as female, with more and more beauty products for men coming available every day. Here are four of the hottest male beauty trends in 2020.

1. Skin Care

In the past, most skin care products have been created for women. However, nowadays, the desire for nicer skin is more achievable for a male with an increase in new skin care products aimed at men.

Ultimately, skin care products almost have gender-neutral ingredients; therefore, many brands in the beauty industry have released cosmetics for 2020 with packaging and scents that appeal to both men and women.

2. Beard Oil

Beard oil has become an essential male beauty product in a lot of bearded men’s bathroom cabinets. It is the grooming product that most men didn’t know they needed. Beard oil helps men grow a fuller, cleaner beard and keeps coarse beard hairs comfortable, smooth and looking tame which helps to style easier. It’s also a good substitute for aftershave since beard oils tend to be fragranced.

3. Teeth Whitener

Some teeth whitening brands have introduced male teeth whitening strips with the same ingredients as ordinary teeth whiteners. However, the strips are more catered towards the size and shape of men’s teeth. Moreover, the colors are more appealing to the majority of men and the packaging is more masculine in shape.

4. Pre Hair Styling Products

For a long period of time, hair gel was the only product that most men used to use in their hair as they were getting ready for the day. This has changed since many different products are introduced on the market to suit the ever-changing styles of female hair. Pre hair styling products are on trend in 2020 since men look for ways to get thicker, tamer, and more volumized hair.