Fragrances for Men

Fragrances for MenA great smelling man can be both sexy and show professionalism.  Just the right amount of cologne or fragrance gives off a great vibe and entice you.  There are fragrances that can take you to luxurious destinations to a rugged scent that has you feeling like you’re living carelessly free in the wilderness and great outdoors.  With so many fragrances and colognes to have your pick of these today’s the choice of the right one for you could be immensely overwhelming.

Remember that with any kind of cologne or fragrance you decide upon the mood you are in, oils on your body, current stress level, age, diet, and current medications may change the smell of the fragrance after you have applied it.  You may need to apply sparingly or just a little extra dab to allow the full aroma to encircle you.

While the fragrances of Nautica, Preferred Stock, Polo, DRAKKAR NOR, Cuba Gold, Royal Copper Lager, Perry Ellis and STETSON to name a few may be what comes to mind when asked about men’s colognes there is a whole different side to the fragrance industry that may seem like is only for the rich and famous.  The following colognes and fragrances are some of the world’s best smelling that is sure to win over anyone that comes in contact with you.

Joe Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

  • Very diverse scents
  • Scents go from an intoxicating floral to a fiercely intense cedar wood
  • Warm aroma
  • From Laos
  • Sophisticated
  • Great smell that lasts
  • $169.95 for a 3.4 oz bottle

Valentino V by Valentino

  • Iconic in the fashion world
  • Best of the best in fragrance world
  • Mix of bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorn and jasmine
  • Warm aroma
  • Still relatively new in the fragrance world, only being around for 12 years, but an intense sought-after fragrance
  • $599.95 for 12.6 oz

Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Blanc

  • Associated with elegance, luxury and seduction across the fragrance world due to the name “Tom Ford”
  • Fragrance showcases these elements elegantly
  • Floral notes of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot
  • An attractive and addictive fragrance by those that wear
  • $385.00 for bottle that is 3.4 oz

Bond No. 9 Silver Bond

  • Seductive, smoky aroma
  • Enticing floral and wood elements
  • Recommended as an evening fragrance

Armani Prive Rose d’Arbie

  • Intoxicating Damask Rose
  • Orient luxury
  • Eastern wild blends
  • Best used on the wrist, neck and inner elbow areas to provide lasting aroma

Christian Dior Ambre Nuit Cologne

  • Signature scent that brings “Beauty and the Beast together
  • Bold Ambre Nuit
  • Very sensual smell that attracts others
  • $499.00 for 4/25 oz Spray

Aventus for Men by Creed

  • Bold
  • Most popular fragrance by Creed
  • Combines fruity with Italian bergamot and royal pineapple
  • Brings out the masculine edge in a man by letting them feel they are out in the woods

Clive Christian X

  • Pairs rare spices with rich, floral notes along with natural, crisp scents
  • Comes in a luxurious style black glass bottle that includes a golden crown stopper
  • Very attracting aroma that intensifies the longer worn
  • $314.98 for a 1.7 oz Spray

With so many options one is certainly going to find an appropriate, appealing fragrance to wear for years.