Grooming Products

Grooming ProductsWith less than a month and a half until Christmas, are you still thinking and pondering what exactly to get all of the male’s in your life?  As you are looking through the socks, razors, sweaters and electronics, think about heading over to the Health & Beauty section of the store.  Yes, I said Health & Beauty!  There has been an ever-growing demand from men on health and beauty products to help combat aging as they grow older.

Deodorant, body wash products, sunscreen and facial skincare interest is on the rise.  Style-Conscious men are coming out all over the place, showing their love for personal products and has the makers of Men’s razors for example, scrambling to create their own anti aging skincare to remain competitive in the game.

If you were to just randomly go onto Amazon and in the search bar type, “men anti-aging cream” you would generate over 1,000 products.  WOW that’s a lot of product for a 4-word phase.

L’Oreal, Men Expert, Clinique for Men are just two of the results you would turn over.  Clinique for Men could run as high as $44.00 and men are ignoring the costs just, so they can potentially have that extra day of amazing skin.

With the fast-rising demand for men’s skincare products men have already spent over $7 billion in America on these products.  Middle age 35-44-year-old men show a heavy presence in the demand growth and have no limit when it comes again to the cost of the product as long as it works.

L’Oreal, Dove, J & J, Target are taking note and expanding the opportunities in products they have available for men.  Target, for example, acquired Oars & Alps so that they could mentor them in a new program they have developed to assist others to grow in the areas they are providing products for.

Men’s Masks have a steady growing following and Missha has an exclusive mask “Made for Men.”  Other options that men are using include:  the 8.8 oz sized Aria Star Beauty Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask and the 4.2 size Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque.

One could definetly say that Men’s Skincare is a trend that needs to be watched like a hawk.  Women have the upper hand and opportunity when it comes to hiding dark circles under the eyes.  Men on the other hand, well there’s just not that much out there yet.  Don’t despair, this will soon change as a “major” anti cream company is looking to launch its own roll on cream to brighten up the area under men’s eyes and to help combat dark circles should they form.

A few of the most wanted brand products men are seeking out include the likes of:

RESIST-it is lightweight, utilizes SPF30 and is a soft-matte finish with a sheer tone base.  This product leaves the man looking and feeling fresh.

Clinique for Men Face Scrub-use this before you shave to remove dead skin cells.  The extra step before shaving will help make your face “as smooth as can be.”