Handsome German Players Join the World Cup

German team is still a bright name for the champion of every World Cup season. Not only possessing strikers, the German team is also loved by the fan girl association because it owns a series of handsome players such as models and film actors. If you want to understand more about the team that is considered to be both talented and handsome, don’t miss the following players!

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer: 9.3 million followers

Not too words to say that goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is a gentleman model on the pitch and life is millions of girls silently love. Despite being 32 years old, Neuer is not inferior to young players in both appearance and technique. Looking at 9.3 million followers of this goalkeeper on social networks you know enough how popular he is.

Julian Brandt: Handsome and loves dogs

Surely any girl felt her heart flutter when faced with this stately face of 22-year-old midfielder Julian Brandt. I must say that compared to the foreign players, Julian Brandt’s face has a somewhat younger age. Although young and old both in age and appearance, he has played more than 55 times the German youth teams, playing at all levels from U15 to U21.Another big plus for Julian Brandt is that this favorite girl is this guy who loves dogs. It is not difficult to find photos of a friend hugging a happy smiling dog very cute.

Midfielder Leon Goretzka: The visual face of the team

Leon Goretzka was born in 1995, the German midfielder made it easy to make super-beautiful girls across the continent crush because their looks were just as good as they were. It is not an exaggeration to say that this 9X midfielder is the visual face of the team when the series of girls are determined to follow the World Cup.

Mats Hummels : There is a beautiful beard

Not as youthful as the junior in the team, but the 1988 postman Mats Hummels has his own charm. This 1m91 tall guy who is not a soccer player will surely become a professional model because he loves to take photos and especially plays deep before the camera.