How Important of Skincare to ATHLETES?

In the long list of things athletes have to worry about: muscle damage, ligament damage, technique, soft tissue damage, recovery time, diet, etc … Skincare does tend to highly ranked.

The skin is a rather fragile thing that, if damaged, takes a good amount of time to heal before being used again. This can be a frustrating and tedious process for those of us who don’t want to or can afford to take time off from everyday tasks.

In most other areas of sports equipment and care, there have been major advances and technological innovations to make activities easier and better for athletes. However, skincare has not yet been acknowledged as an important part of looking after yourself and improving your performance.

The skin is our shell, our largest organ and a part of us that is very important for our daily existence. If our skin is unwell, it will affect both our physical and mental health; Specially for athletes. As well as the testimonials that are so important and so important to the importance of skincare, we have come up with a list of why it’s so important to you because athletes really take care of their skin to help you win:

If your skin is damaged during exercise or training, it will massively interfere with your ability to perform later – possibly up to several weeks.

Torn and damaged skin especially on your hands is painful and will hinder your daily life and training.

While calluses look great when you’re exercising in the gym or competing in an obstacle race, they’re not attractive at work, in bars or for cuddling children!

Rough hands are uncomfortable and the skin will easily crack, which means that your skin may be torn and torn even when you are not exercising.

Open wounds can be infected by contact with foreign objects such as the scale.

There are other ways to try and prevent your skin from hurting while exercising. However, there is no harm in doubling the precautions to reduce the risk of hand tears. Here are some other options to consider trying out that we’ve come up to help prevent tears:

Water retention If your skin is not hydrated then it is more likely to crack and break. If there is more moisture in the skin, it will be more flexible, softer and thus reduce the change of damage.

Eat lots of protein. For gymers, we already know the importance of protein for muscle repair, but it’s important to remember that protein also repairs your skin and all the other organs in your body. You can reduce the time it takes to cut or tear the skin by making sure you get a high protein intake. This will also reinforce your skin, making it less likely to be broken, to begin with

Wear gloves. If possible, wear gloves that fit your sport. While they can sometimes be uncomfortable and smell, they are a great way to prevent damage to your hands. Although we believe you can get a better grip without gloves, if you’re struggling, we recommend using one (or in) a pair of hands!

All of the above applies not only to hand injuries but skin injuries in general to sports. Tearing and damage can occur on any part of the body that comes in contact with the necessary equipment whether it is on your hands, feet, neck or feet. This is why it’s so important to take care of every inch of your skin by keeping it hydrated and moisturized with moisturizers.

Use chalk to lift. Similar to wearing gloves, if you use the right amount of chalk, it will reduce friction between hands and bars. However, if you use too much chalk, it will have the opposite effect and create more friction

While in an ideal world, we will all remember to take the proper precautions and use our cream regularly, sometimes life can interfere and make it difficult to maintain a habit. Maintaining skin becomes difficult. So, if your skin is torn or injured, what should you do?

Clean it Make sure you wash your tears with warm water and soap. If the tear is really bad, then you may want to use iodine to help ensure it is cleaned properly

Remove any excess skin. Cut off any excess skin if it looks like it might catch or tear further with a sterile scissors

Tape it up and rub on some salve to moisturize. As with any open cut or wound, the best way to make the wound heal quickly is to keep the wound moist as this will prevent any further damage.

Did you learn anything from the above beauty tips? Let’s share with us