Men’s Beards Are Coming Back Into Fashion

Men’s Beards Are Coming Back Into Fashion

Men style their beards according to their personality or the statement they want to make to those around them. The beard cuts can vary from different shapes long or short and other things that are always considered. The beard style should mostly be focused on shaping the face in a handsome way and bring out the man inside. The face shape must be put into consideration so that the style can add contrast and dimension to one’s face. People look different on different beard styles and not every style can be accommodative to everyone thus the need to know your heads’ shape.

Traditionally, men use to trim their beards and keep them neat where most people used to keep long beards that were mostly associated with leadership. Men moved to keeping very short beards or even shave them completely. In this era where men are comfortable doing facial hair styles unlike before beards are coming back to life. These include long, short, and some men like to add the feel of moustache too. The young generation seems to be admiring celebrities who rock beards and they are now in the internet looking for different beards styles. People are now going back to the traditional styles where they are now brought out in a new and modern version to fit in the young generations.

Here are few trending styles for beards

  • Circle beard- To achieve this shape you must a professional barber to make the beards into a perfect circle where you will be required to maintain them after they are shaped. Guys who want to appear presentable always do this style which is very common for short beards.
  • Balbo- This style has been rocked for years where one is required to grow the beards all round to get enough to be shaved and the rest shaped. A moustache is also required to complete this look. You will need a good razor to shape the beard into the right style.
  • Garibaldi- The beards are neither short nor long and it’s mostly preferred by people who like beards to appear unkempt. The beard need to be shaped nicely to bring out a round shape.
  • Short, medium and long stubble- The stubble style is the most common hair style for people who love simplicity. The style can be maintained easily because it does not require any special method to achieve the look. According to what you think looks best on you, you can choose to keep it short, medium and long.

To maintain good beards, you will need to know the right products to use also to maintain a healthy facial hair. There are different beard trimming kits one can choose from to care for the beards on a daily routine. Men who keep beards seem to be more mature than those who do not. Ladies also love men with beards. People have different head shapes which can fit different beard styles, do your research and get to know your shape and go for that style.