Men’s fashion accessories coordinate together with some tips

The world of fashion is like that, the male fashion accessories like spice add colors, increase the diversity and art of mix & match for different fashion styles. However, proper coordination, matching and giving, requires a bit of technique. In order to master the general coordination technique, I have summed up what should and should not be done when combining costumes with various male fashion accessories through the following article.

For those who do not know how to dress with men’s fashion accessories, this is probably a difficult problem when it comes to deciding what to mix with this dish, what the other is good for, whichever wear is appropriate. Therefore, we will help you troubleshoot and give your hands the experience and know-how to coordinate the dress with men’s fashion accessories through the article below.

1. Y-shaped belt straps (suspenders)
This is not only an accessory to pull and fix your pants, but also helps you become more polite and sophisticated. But the bad thing is that if you mix in the wrong way, then you won’t be different from an “old man” from the 1980s.

Should not: wear a belt with a belt, because its function can replace the belt.

Should: reveal pants belt and no need to wear a jacket.

2. Towel pocket vest (pocket square)
This is a great male fashion accessory for weddings or big events, the scarf of suit jacket turns the other boring suit into a gorgeous and formal outfit.

Do not: Color tie with the color of the matching bag will make the costume lose interest. Instead, let them stand out with contrasting colors.

So: Choose a style that can match the scarf of a suit jacket with a contrasting color to the suit you’re wearing, and don’t be afraid to choose a scarf with bold patterns and interesting colors.

3. Bracelets
Bracelets have never been accessories for women only, the image of men wearing bracelets is no longer considered to be lack of masculinity, but over time it becomes an indispensable treasure in the sessions. Go out with friends, or picnic.

Do not: Wear too many bracelets, it not only does not help you become more stylish but also “immerse” you because of that confusion and jingle sounds when they bump into each other.

So: Confidently wear a bracelet with a watch, both of these male fashion accessories will raise your gentleman and masculinity.

4. Rings
It is not only those who are new founders who need to wear rings, but also one of the accessories that helps gentlemen more fashionable if worn properly.

Don’t: Wear too many rings on one hand that will make you a “chameleon” and not follow any fashion trends; instead, you should only wear 1-2 rings on one hand. perfect.

So: The best way to choose a suitable ring is to choose simple and gentle designs to create a professional and delicate touch for the eyebrow.