Men’s fitness trends

Men’s fitness trends

Men’s fitness is starting to gain popularity with more men becoming aware of the importance of health and keeping fit.Here is a few popular trends that are starting to be more common than ever.

Fitness trackers:

These easy to use wrist worn little gadgets are a common trend for most fitness junkies. There is a tracker out the Fitbit and the Garmin and its trend is not going anywhere soon. A few of these have features to keep you moving and keep you from becoming distracted. They don’t just count your steps but alert you when you are not moving or when you are motionless for a while. They have auto tracking of your workouts which are kept so you can log right into them. There is swimming lap counters and ones that will encourage a walker to become a jogger and so on.
These fitness trackers become a part of your life.

Session- group training

When you are training whether your aim is building muscle or losing weight or simply just keeping fit consistency is the key for all types. While some people are self-motivated and have a local gym, they visit quite often however there are some people who may hire a personal trainer to help them along the way. If you are in between these two then you don’t miss out. There are programs that offer set schedules and personal attention a couple of times. Often these are held on a rotating 6-8-week timeframe which means there is a progressive aspect to it rather than just the regular group sessions that don’t offer this. There are quite a few gyms that follow the T.E.A.M program which stands for training, education, accountability, motivation. These are specially for fitness, weight loss and boot camp.

Recovery tech

Training styles like group training sessions isn’t the only thing that is now available for people to try out but also recovery. This recovery tech is starting to gain popularity and grow into a large business with both small and big gyms that are now offering recovery tech treatments like infrared saunas and cryotherapy to aid in post workout soreness to ease injuries and improve the blood flow within the muscles.

Foam rollers

It isn’t a new trend however it is still as popular today as when it started. Self-myofascial release also known as self-massage with foam rollers and other tools similar. Foam rollers are a common thing to see in gyms and are quite important to your overall health and to stretch the back muscles.
You can release your own fascial system by using foam rollers and stretching techniques to give yourself a deep tissue massage.

While these trends have been around for quite a while they have since gained popularity and are still growing with more men getting onto the trends that are quite common to see in the gym today. Some fitness trends won’t fit everyone’s styles and needs but with even more being introduced it won’t be too long before something pops up that is perfect for you.