Men’s perfume world: “Dive in” the new year with 4 wood flavors

Come to think of it, there is no element in nature that can represent a man more than wood. Wood is sturdy, solid but different from iron, metal, warm wood and soul. Over time, wood is darker and more precious, just like the way a gentleman is honed by trial.

Let’s enter this new year of 2019 with the knowledge of wood scents that every men should try to smell once in his life.

1. Patchouli: Dark patchouli
Originally from Central Asia and brought back to France by Emperor Napoleon in the late 18th century, Patchouli was then spread throughout Europe and the Americas in unflattering names that “smelled of filth”. , “The smell of the hippie”, “the smell of darkness”. To this day, when the modern perfume industry has domesticated patchouli quite a lot, most people still can’t smell this special wood smell.

The woody flavor of patchouli was green, sensing both the oak on it, and the wetness as it had just stepped through a thunderstorm. Facing that scent at first people were afraid, because it was so naked and so deep, but believe me, if patchouli selects you, you will feel that this is an emotional smell, has a soul. The aroma is rough and thorny, but it can touch and move your soul, not as pale and fleeting as other flavors.

2. Sandalwood: Sandalwood – Wood is balanced
It can be said that Santal is a nose flavors, especially when traveling with vanilla or other kinds of flower scents. However, to create a Santal scent stand out among dozens of pleasant Santal smells, perhaps a challenge.

And the Santal scent that makes me want to smell it is Santal 33 of Le Labo. Sandalwood here is pure, luxurious and without abstinence, it fits very well with leather and iris. Perhaps this is also the most sought after scent of Le Labo house and is the best selling perfume fragrance in 2018.

3. Cedarwood: Cedar – Moderate wooden smell
It was hard to find a scent of male perfume where cedar was the main character, not the humble background, and during the search, I learned of Serge Lutens’ Cedre. This is one of many scents exploiting the character of cedar, accompanied by tuberose, clove and musk. And more than anyone else,  cedar absolutely deserves to be exploited more in the main character position, not a housekeeper in the scent party anymore.

4. Vetiver:
During the time when the house raced to make vetiver perfume, to tell a prominent vetiver scent is not a simple thing. And to be most objective, I would like to mention three names of the most sought-after vetiver perfume from the history to date, namely Guerlain’s Vetiver, the Gray Vetiver of Tom Ford an1d Terre d’Hermes. Among them, I still give the most respect to gentleman Vetiver of Guerlain, because of the classic, seasoned I could hardly find in the new generation of perfume bottles.