Men’s Personal Care Trends: Focus on Natural Ingredients and Go Beyond Skincare Basics

Successful emerging brands in men’s personal care are focusing on using more and more natural ingredients. Meanwhile, skincare for men has got more attention.

Focus on Natural Ingredients

Embrace Charcoal

Charcoal is a naturally black material that is easy to identify and users believe that it works. Additionally, charcoal’s dark hue is an attractive colorant for men’s skincare products.

Charcoal is an ideal addition to bar soaps and deep clean products since it has a strong association with cleansing and detoxification. It is popularly used in sheet masks, peel-off masks, wipes, and scrubs. While shoppers are now well acquainted with this ingredient, it’s necessary to innovate and surprise them more with its usage.

The Twincraft Skincare brand has developed a range of cleansers and masks utilizing encapsulated charcoal beads in order to provide an effective and unique detoxifying experience, as these charcoal beads burst upon agitation and then turn the product and its foam grey.

Include Caffeine

Caffeine is a popular skincare ingredient in body creams and eye care since it can temporarily tighten and firm the appearance of dull, loose skin.

This ingredient has made an appearance in other personal care products, such as in shampoos and conditioners from Man Cave and Fudge marketed to men with hair loss. Paired with biotin, caffeine fortifies the hair shaft and promotes healthy growth.

In terms of eye care, more products are marketed as general neutral, with Perricone MD and Kiehl’s launching unisex products moisturizing the delicate eye area and mask dark under-eye circles.

Go Beyond Skincare Basics

Over the last several years of growth, the skincare industry has been so caring for female consumers that they’ve neglected male users and have left this underserved wanting options and attention.

Therefore, experts have encouraged cosmetics brands to more focus on the female skincare space and offer male consumers more than just simple facial moisturizers and body washes.