Practice your arm effectively

Having strong muscular curves is always the top goal of every bodybuilder. In particular, hand muscles are focused and prioritized on all parts. However, not everyone can achieve the desired muscle level. We would like to summarize some tips from bodybuilder Liam Chenery to help you have effective hand muscle training sessions.

Before coming to Liam Chenery’s hands-on training tips, make sure you follow the following basic training rules:

  1. Get enough protein and energy for each workout. Although you can still gain muscle in some cases of low calorie, but usually you will have great disadvantages, and the ability to up your hand muscles will be extremely limited.
    Always apply the rule of “progressive overload”, increasing weight, reps and set exercises over time to increase endurance and muscle capacity.
    Make sure you complete the movement when you complete the exercise.

2. Choose exercises smart hands
In order to get the maximum effect and size of your arm muscles, you need to perform a full range of movements from various bodybuilding exercises.

To do this, you should apply the dumbbell exercises with a 45 degree inclination angle and EZ dumbbell exercises with one hand before, one hand behind the body. With these two types of workouts, Liam recommends turning them into your hands during practice; Thus, the effect will be maximized, and your muscle building process will be much faster.

With triceps, in order to perform full body movements, you need to get the same stretch from your training partner. A great way to meet this is a pushdown exercise with cable. With this type of exercise, the elbows will always be positioned as close as possible, or even backward a bit; so we get the maximum elasticity.

Another method for this type of exercise is to put yourself in a relaxed position: you still use the cable, but this time we’ll reach our arms over our heads, so our elbows are closer to the head. However, if you are worried that you might get injured due to the difficulty of this exercise, you can completely practice at an average level.

In addition, if you can increase your weight, you should apply to the exercise above, because simply the greater weight will stimulate muscle growth as quickly. But anyway, balance is still the first essential element. Find ways to regulate both factors to achieve the highest efficiency.

3. Change the way your hands are set when practicing

All muscles in your upper arm need to be fully stimulated so that the arm can grow evenly. And the method for this, is to adjust the way your hand is placed.

All 3 ways of placing hands (back, close and natural) must be applied throughout the training process to achieve maximum efficiency. Liam regularly uses two of these three ways to place a hand for an exercise block of 4-6 weeks, and then changes the exercises and the way the hand is placed.

A little tip for you, the position of the back hand is a position very few people apply, but it can bring incredible results.

4. Increase the frequency of hand muscle training

Increasing your practice frequency will help you in many different ways:

Total volume of the week increased
The level of stimulation of MPS (muscle protein synthesis, roughly translated: muscle protein synthesis) in the week increased
Repeating the movements will help you become more proficient and increase your weight limit. If you only practice one day a week, it’s easy to get tired after each workout – and you can’t lift heavy weights like before. However, if you spread that workout into a few sets for several days of the week, your hands will be more comfortable, so you can lift higher weights – an important factor for your ability to build muscles. corn.
Try 30 sets of hands a day / week, and three sets of 10 sets for 3 days a week, you will see the difference.

Also, make sure you exercise the set amount for each set, and increase over time. For example, a 12-week block of exercise, for the first 6 weeks, you should do 16 sets of hands each week (16 for biceps and 16 for triceps). In the last 6 weeks, you increased to 24 episodes. This will ensure that your hand is under pressure and stimulate growth.