Sleeping Tips: Men Maintain Youth

Men, please note the following principles to keep beauty and youth.

Men are not as fussy about skin care items as women. But it is because of this neglect that a certain age look back, they suddenly realized it was too late to prevent the so-called aging.

1. Use a clay mask

If a white and flawless skin is a top goal of women, then for men, they just need to keep the skin clean and bright is enough. To do this, apply a regular clay mask for 10-15 minutes. The reason is that the clay mask helps detoxify the skin to remove dirt, toxins, bacteria from deep in the pores, and helps to gently exfoliate the skin. But do not use more than 15 minutes because it can also dry out the guy!

2. Sleep in an upright position

The guy is often very easy to fall asleep. But once asleep, they will lie in all positions, sometimes curled up like a shrimp, sometimes lying on their stomach. These poses are honestly neither good for the spine nor for the skin. Because once the face skin is in frequent contact with the bed sheets, blankets and towels that are not cleaned daily will be prone to acne, not to mention creating more wrinkles due to unnecessary rubbing. Meanwhile, just sleep in an upright position, all problems will be solved!

3. Remember to exfoliate both the face and lips

Not only the face but alsothe lips need regular exfoliating. It is not necessary to use sophisticated and expensive exfoliants, you can make your own at home by mixing brown sugar with coconut oil, rub it on your lips, massage gently, then rinse with country. Also do not forget to use lip balm later if you want to own the impressive lips of the actors.

4. Stop touching your face

The number of times a guy touches the skin of a guy is often more than a girl, because men often do not realize the seriousness of this seemingly small action. Meanwhile, the hand, which is a gathering place of many bacteria, is easily transmitted to the face causing many skin problems.