The Need for Leg-Lengthening Surgery In Men Is Increasing Sharply

Not only do women want to have long legs like models, men also suffer with an unsatisfactory height. Many people have chosen medical interventions to look taller than their natural height.

Last year, at least 30 gentlemen went to a surgery facility called the LimbplastX Institute, which opened in 2018 in the US city of Las Vegas, to extend the legs by about 15cm at a cost of up to $ 76,000. This includes the cost of surgery, hospitalization after surgery and 2-4 weeks of physical care. Patients have to pay for transportation to Las Vegas, pay for their own meals and hotel expenses.

Answering in Business Insider, Dr. Kevin Debiparshad said that his clients are often successful people but still haunt his incomplete form. They seek to fill that depressing mood, in order to lead a more fulfilling life according to their personal thoughts and to make them more confident about fitness in modern society today.

More than 90% of customers who come to LimbplastX Institute are men with an average height of 1.67m, and they want to increase the height to another 5-10cm.

The surgery will last about 2 hours. The patient is anesthetized and the surgeon opens the shin bone, then inserts a device for stretching. A week later, the patient can walk normally. More specifically, the surgeon attaches to the hollow part of the shin bone the sets of screws and they will be widened to extend the tissue there.

After that, the patient receives an iPad and each day just press a button on it to control the screw system in the shin, the bone will be 1 mm longer / day. And patients have to wait for a year and many other sessions of psychotherapy to see the full results.

Dr. Kevin Debiparshad is known to be the first person to introduce this method to specialized in increasing height plastic surgery. He also acknowledged that although the method does not cause pain, there is a risk of infection and reduced mobility. Because the patient will then not be able to run as fast as before because the legs have been somewhat weak.