The smoothest running sneakers in 2018

Jogging is a very familiar exercise but it is also a way for you to enjoy the beautiful days besides receiving countless health benefits. With the only tool, a pair of shoes, you can be ready for the training that lasts for kilometers, but not all sports shoes are designed for jogging.

There are sports shoes designed only for weightlifting, with lifestyle-only shoes, and there are also many types of shoes that are specifically designed for jogging. Let’s consult the best jogging sneakers in 2018.

1. Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond
Since its inception, adidas AlphaBounce is inherently a popular running shoes that are very popular with gymer. And the upgraded version Beyond upgraded on January 17, 2018 is considered to have more and more improved performance compared to the first. It is judged that these are jogging sports shoes that must be available for anyone who has just started training or has long-running stride. Some noteworthy features of Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond include very light weight, less than 300g, a special back cover design that helps to support the heels and provides a more solid feel. Besides, Run The Game advertising campaign of these shoes also aims to provide optimal and long-term support to regular customers on the running track.

2. Adidas Ultra Bboost 2018
There is no need to talk too much about the Boost line, which has great support in the movement. But not every Boost design is for jogging because in addition to the base, the upper part of the shoe plays an important role. Ultra Boost is already so familiar not only to the gymer but also the joggers and the brand who are constantly improving this shoe model to become more complete.

3. Nike Epic React Flyknit
If adidas has Ultraboost, Nike also has Nike Epic React Flyknit, one of the brand’s running jogging sneakers with the React base is considered “the eight-pounder” with Boost. These shoes were in February 2018, and attracted a lot of attention from enthusiasts of sports shoes.

The first point makes Nike Epic React Flyknit especially the React shoe sole with many advantages: lighter, more resilient and more durable, guaranteeing it can go up to 600 miles of track. Besides, the volume weighs only 239g, which is a competitive figure compared to Adidas products weighing approximately 300g. Nike Epic React Flyknit promises to delight from speed runners to daily runners.