Top Best Male Hair Styles to Lead The 2019 Hair Trend

The most beautiful male hair style with modern style suitable for each male standard face is interested by many men. The following beautiful male hairstyles will help you change your appearance perfectly to become a style that attracts all eyes.


Undercut is one of the most popular male hairstyles at the moment because of his charming masculine charm. This hairstyle suits most faces from the long face, round face, square face or diamond face. Undercut  is regularly represented by David Beckham creating a fever in the hair fashion industry.

Buzz cut

This hairstyle is becoming a boom trend in the hair fashion industry this year. It is loved by many boys because of its simplicity that gives men a strong style that many young girls fall in love with. Hairstyles suitable for many faces bring different styles, from dusty to polite.

Side part

Side Part men’s hairstyle is preferred by many men because of its neat and cool. With the characteristics of cutting the roof to the side, it is easy to take care of as well as styling. Side part is enthusiastically promoted by many Asian male stars to Europe with many impromptu creative variations such as the combination of side part and pompadour, side part with light curls, Crew Side Part or thinning layer. Each hairstyle is suitable for square face, rectangular face or angled faces. A little light dye you will become more prominent and stylish with this hair model.


The Layer style at first glance seems to be very simple, but this is one of the male hairstyles that requires a skilled worker to make the alternating cascading trimming lines. This hairstyle suits many faces from the long to the angled face. A little variation by curly, straight or side part you will have a very impressive appearance. Make up your hair with the hottest dyes today for youthful elegance to attract women.


Quiff hairstyle appeared a long time ago but still never outdated. This hairstyle is very popular with men because of the variety and generous nature.


Mullet appeared from the 70s are very popular with many men. In recent years, this hairstyle has exploded again when many Kpop stars promoted and created a strong wave in the hair fashion industry.