Wear Suit and the capacity to change the world

Wearing suits does not change who you are, but can change the way the world sees you. Some studies that have recently solved old prejudices: do clothes change you? And really, what is it?

Clothing that appears as an essential need has gradually become important, it changes people’s perceptions over the years, more specifically, how to see the world of men. “Wearing formal clothes helps you feel more powerful than ever. And wearing a Suit is the shortest way for men to see that. ”- Abraham Rutchick, author and professor of psychology at California State University, Northridge. Rutchick and his co-author also point out that those who wear their clothes more polite than ordinary clothes will often think widely and look at issues in a comprehensive way, but those who not taking care of the appearance will often be narrow and pay attention to minor details (though not all).
They conducted a survey of the relationship between dressing and human awareness, specifically, how students at the university campus evaluate the level of solemnity in their fashion style every day and give a comment on “Is formal clothing important?”. Then, proceed with the cognitive tests to measure how they deal with the direction of being in a broad and abstract or detailed and intuitive way. If broad and abstract, the person has a global mindset – a must in the leadership of the leader. And those who have an intuitive and meticulous way of solving problems show that those people will focus on details, see the world more meticulously – that’s the quality of an employee.

The results show that students who value “formal dress is important” will tend to solve cognitive tests in a broad and abstract way. But since this is just a small test on the school scale, the importance of wearing Suit is still not fully appreciated. So in a follow-up survey, the researchers asked half of the students to wear Suit before taking the cognitive test, surprisingly, they became more confident than their collectors.

Thereby, the researcher concluded: “Wearing clothes affects awareness comprehensively, impacting on the process of shaping people’s thinking, at all times is right” – according to the article. report Social Psychological & Personality Science.

Wearing Suit is not only a formality but also a personality. Professor Rutchick also speculated that it was linked to the fact that a successful entrepreneur leads a company, his job is to paint a big picture. Meanwhile, employees will be in charge of focusing more on details.

An experiment in 2012 also shows the similarity between dressing and thinking formation – when a person wears a white blouse, they will feel like they are dressed as a doctor. Performing assigned tasks will be more careful and meticulous. In contrast, when they are dressed as artists, or specifically painters, they tend to work less cautiously. So we are living in a world where clothing has a great impact on one’s behavior and awareness. And wearing a suit will be seen for the symbol of power, success so they will somehow behave like that.