What Happens When You Deprive Your Body from Sleep

Whether it is the fault of your snoring bed-mate or the upstairs neighbours that keeps you awake at night, we have had those nights where an early night becomes one of tossing and turning, and the more we stress about the rest we need the least sleep we get. The problem is that skimping on sleep result in a lot more than just having a heavy eyelid day. At the end of the day, sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity according to PsyD, director M Drerup. After years in the field of behavioural sleep medicine, studies show that lost sleep is a much bigger health hazard than most people realise.

Sixteen different sleep studies performed around the world on the long-term negativities of sleep deprivation shows that if you are getting less than 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night you are increasing your risk of early death by 12%, and experts in the field recommend that individuals should sleep 7 up to 9 hours every night. The effects of sleep deprivation are enough to keep you awake with fear. It includes mood swings, fatigue, heart disease, weight gaining, slow reactions, and a decrease in sex drive.

Weight Gain

One thing is for sure, and that is that snacks look much more appealing when you had a restless night. The main reason is that a lack of sleep leads to reduced leptin levels, leptin is the hormone that makes us feel satiated. According to Dr Hollington of the NYC Surgical Association, you feel much hungrier once your leptin levels are low and you crave foods that are high in calories, which is the reason why most people that sleep only a few hours, gain weight.


It is self-explanatory that you feel tired, exhausted and all your body need is for you to catch up some sleep, it is craving rest and you battle to focus and might nod off when you least can afford it. Some of the danger zones are heavy traffic, going to long seminars and overall you know that you cannot perform at your best when fatigue sets in.

Your brain needs rest, rest only offered by sleep since it needs to consolidate memories, rehearse events, it needs a bit of cleaning up, and there is the processing of emotions. Daytime sleepiness has the tendency to make you fall asleep during any period of inactivity. It makes you break your good habits of going to the gym. These are the days you consume massive amounts of caffeine, and in most cases, it is used to mask a shortage of sleep and then could lead to more sleep deprivation. No matter how much coffee you consume the one thing it can’t mask is that your crankiness levels are high. One of the major effects of too little sleep is high blood pressure and heart decease are one of the more serious conditions linked with sleep deprivation.